What happens when two Arizona buzzards who don't belong find out about the magical Lake Owyhee?

"The boys absolutely love the No Buzzards Allowed book. One of the boys picks it most nights for his bedtime book and he already has it memorized." - Chelsea M.

Bear In A Cage

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In a little town in the middle of nowhere lived Henry the Bear. This is his story.


Paige Poppe

  • Art brings more color, magic and joy to your life.

  • Positive and creative vibes always

  • Be bold, be bright

  • Pursue your passions and be confident

  • You can do anything

  • Nature is the greatest artist

  • Burritos are life

Run With The Quirky Bird

Musical Mongrel

  • Handcrafted in the Land of One Stoplight.

  • He can catch flies like Mr. Miyagi.

  • Has an imaginary friend named Fred.

  • His CB handle is Cookie Monster.

  • He eats Idaho Spud candy bars.

  • He runs with the Quirky Bird.

  • He loves Jesus!